The purpose of the Virginia Watercolor Society shall be to foster the advancement and study of aquamedia painting and to provide information about aquamedia painting to the public.


To become a member of the Virginia Watercolor Society, one must be a resident of Virginia (except as described in the Bylaws Article 1, Section 1, Paragraph E, defined below*) and pay the annual dues of $35.  The VWS operates on a calendar year.  Members receive three Waterlogue Newsletters each year by email, a membership list, the prospectus for the annual juried exhibition, and the catalog with color photos of the winning paintings. Members with a valid email address also receive an electronic version of the Waterlogue Newsletter plus periodic emails with current information about the VWS by email. Artists must be a current member of the Virginia Watercolor Society to enter the Annual Exhibition.

Be sure to include your check with your printed form.


Life Members are defined as members of 20 years or more, are 75 years of age or older, have been signature members for at least five years and have kept continuous membership by paying the annual membership fees since receiving signature status. Those eligible for Life Membership MUST submit an application to the State Membership Chair. While Life Members are not required to pay annual membership dues, they are required to submit an annual Membership Form to confirm their continued membership and contact information. Life members may use the online 'Pay With Credit Card' form, but do not proceed to the PayPal page after you submit your membership information.


The VWS Juried Exhibition is held annually, and is located in a different part of the state each year.  Water based mediums are permitted as well as transparent watercolors. Details are outlined in the prospectus for each exhibition.

VWS Annual Membership renewals are due on January 31st; dues must be paid prior to the exhibition entry deadline to be eligible to enter the Annual Juried Exhibition.  Exhibition information and Calendar are included in the Fall VWS Waterlogue Newsletter.

Members with websites will be included in the VWS Members Gallery.

* A Provisional Membership is available to non-Virginia residents who are serving on the Exhibition Committee (the hosting organization) of the Annual Exhibition.

Article 1: Membership / Section 1: Eligibility
Any resident of Virginia is eligible for membership. A resident is defined as any person who maintains a voting residence in the state of Virginia. (With the exception as specified Paragraph E below.) All members shall pay dues each year and may participate in all activities of the VWS and may vote.

Paragraph E: Provisional Membership: When an Annual Exhibition is held in a Virginia location that borders with other neighboring states and the members of the hosting organization reside in neighboring state(s), an exception for that particular Annual Exhibition year will extend to accommodate such out of state members. Provisional Members will be eligible for membership that particular year and receive the same privileges as an Active Member for that year.

For more information, please contact:


Virginia Watercolor Society
P.O. Box 6742
Williamsburg, VA 23188


Note: New memberships received in the last quarter of the year apply through the end of the following year.

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